Tuesday, May 1, 2007

With 3 Months to Go...

With three months to go we have a lot to still get done. As far as I know we've covered our tuition, which is nice since it is our single largest expense in Israel, but we expected it so it doesn't change our financial situation any.

Our very close friend Ari just got engaged, and his wedding is August 5th, six-days after we leave for Israel. Ari was one of the groomsmen at our wedding and sang during the ceremony. It's a shame that we have to miss the wedding, but we'll be there in spirit.

We're trying to find a place to live, the Yeshiva tells us that we're on the top of the list to receive one of their two apartments, but we don't know when we'll hear about those. They're building apartments next door in a recently acquired building, but they are not likely to be ready until October (which when you remember this is Israel; December would be nice).

So we're using Craigslist, FlatHunting, and the Nefesh B'Nefesh listserve to help us out. We've found a few places that we're interested in. Seems that the places that are perfect (price, location, and furnished) don't have the time period we're looking for. So, for now, we continue to sit and wait.

I have to figure out how to get our cell-phones unlocked so that they can be used by any carrier. I'm worried that it might remove our service from T-Mobile, but that's a question that needs to be asked.

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