Monday, July 7, 2008

Packing and our Trip to the US/Australia

We've finished packing and moving to storage before we leave Israel. Naomi's put in many many hours of work while I've been finishing up at school; we're boxed up and we bought pizza to entice guys to help us carry our furniture and boxes to a few uninhabited caravans nearby.

I've managed to sprain my ankle rather well, and have since Saturday night been on crutches so Naomi's has had to do most of this without me.

Our wonderful tortoise moe. has been dropped off with friends of ours (Natan and Meg to be cared for by their daughter Ella).

We're now waiting for the driver to come pick us up to take us to the airport, our flight is at 4:50pm Israel time, we're expecting to arrive tonight around 10pm Eastern.

Our general schedule for the next two months is:
July 8th - Arrive in US, head to Philly
9th - To DC
21st - To Philly
27th - 29th - in Cincinnati
August 3rd - Fly to Australia, Melbourne
18th - From Melbourne to LA, then back to DC
26th - Fly back to Israel