Sunday, October 25, 2009

Naomi's Got a New Job

So the holidays are over and we are back to our busy lives; except our lives just got a bit busier. In addition to Nate's new responsibilities at work he will be starting Ulpan, intensive Hebrew language classes, November 15th. The class will be five days a week from 8:30am to 1:30pm. He will start with the basics, and since he has a "great vocabulary" (as the head of the Ulpan said) he should move through each level with ease. He needs to start with the basics in order to learn how to use his great vocabulary, which he seems to be very happy with. Even though this is a huge addition to his workload, he is quite happy to have something that involves being outside the Yeshiva a bit (since he lives and works here, he doesn't get out much).

As for me, I have some very exciting news as well. A few weeks ago I began the process of networking myself in order to find a new job for next year in NY. I was very fortunate to be introduced to a really interesting person, Ariel Beery, the CEO of PresenTense. I was excited to meet with him because PresenTense is a magazine, institute, and group that works to fix the Jewish community for the better all over the world, but mostly in New York and Boston, USA and Israel. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to meet someone who maybe could offer me a job for next year, or who could at least introduce me to people who could. When I went into the PresenTense office to meet him, we had a great conversation about my interests, my skills, and my experiences, and he continued to mention people I should meet. I thought, "Great, this is working out exactly how I wanted it to." A day later I was called by the Associate Director, asking if I could help them out with some projects. After thinking about it for a bit, I realized I needed to help in any way I could, in order to further my chances for finding future jobs.

It took about a week before I was called up by Hila, the Associate Director, asking how much I loved my current job and would I be interested in leaving it to come work for them. They offered me a salary that was about what I make now, a full benefits package, and flexibility to work around my school schedule, while at the same time offering a job that gets me home and done with work before 7 pm most days (as opposed to my schedule of working until midnight every night). In addition to all this, which in of itself is an amazing offer, they also offered to do their very best to either offer me or help me find a job next year in NY. I obviously could not turn this down.

So anyway, I start November 1st (yes I know this is a Sunday, but Israel's workweek is Sunday- Thursday). I will no longer be working out of the house, the office is about a 20 minute walk from home, and on the bus route to school for when I need to go or come directly from class. It also happens to be close to the grocery store I like to shop at, which means it will be easy to make a stop on my way home. All in all, this is a good deal, and I just got a new job!

Just a note, Nate will be in the US for the week of Thanksgiving. He arrives the Monday before, will be staying by our friends Elie and Ilana Bercuson in Washington Heights, NY, Monday night, enjoy two interviews with YU's Smicha program. Tuesday night he will then move onto Philadelphia, PA to enjoy a Phish Concert with his dad, sister, Yoni Warren (the entire reason he is in the US for- he is the groom), and maybe some other friends. Wednesday Nate will be flying to OH with his family for a fun Thanksgiving with the entire Dwyer clan, which he is so excited about! Friday morning, Nate will return to NY and spend Shabbat in Queens with the groom, Yoni, and family. Saturday, he will be in the Upper West Side, again with the groom, and Sunday is wedding day. Sunday night, Nate will be back at Ilana and Elie's and Monday he leaves to return to Israel. Unfortunately, his schedule is very tight, however if you happen to be in one of the locations he will be feel free to stop in.

Anyway, until next time...