Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Emotional Rollercoaster is Finally Over!

As it may have come to the attention of many of you, every time something very exciting happens, lately, something very stressful is soon to follow. Well the past two weeks were no exception. Our last post was concerning the excitement of Nate's acceptance to YU, but not more then 12 hours later our lives went for another twist.

The following morning, after we received the call from YU, Nate was asked by the Business Manager at the Yeshiva if two people could come by to the apartment. We had been waiting for someone to come and fix a window for us for some time so just assumed that he was referring to the workmen. About an hour later the Rosh Yeshiva, the director of the school we work for, pulled Nate aside and asked if the couple that was coming could come look at our apartment in about an hour. He of course said yes, but came immediately home in shock! Why was another couple coming to look at our apartment? Were we moving? Were we losing our jobs? After a short discussion Nate and I decided we needed to get a clear answer and as soon as the meeting with the couple was over we went to the Rosh Yeshivas office and asked if we could have a moment of his time. This by the way was the week of, in fact the day before, Yom Yerushalayim, and very big celebratory day in Jerusalem. We looked at him, and got straight to the point, "Is there a chance we will not have this job next year?" The Rosh Yeshiva looked back at us with shock himself, but not that we would ask such a question, but rather because he could not understand how we were not aware of this. What it came down to was, the Business Director had been instructed a month ago to inform us that the Yeshiva was in need of making some cuts due to finances and that we may be included in those cuts. The Rosh Yeshiva was shocked an appalled that we had not been told, especially since he knew, just like us, that we were leaving for the states in just 5 short weeks and may need to find an apartment and move out before then.

The first step the Rosh Yeshiva took was calling the Business Director in, even though he had taken the day off to spend with his family. The Business Director sat us down and said, two weeks ago (not a month ago) he had explained how the yeshiva needed to cut some salaries and how even he was taking a salary cut, and had asked if we understood. This conversation had taken place, but Nate had walked away from it thinking, okay we will have a pay cut for our job next year, NOT a job cut! The business director apologized for not being more clear, but then suggested that we start looking for a new job and new place to live, but of course as a back up only!

We walked out of the office totally confused. How could this happen! Life was finally starting to piece together. We immediately called our parents and all started brain storming what to do. Of course our fall back was just move back the U.S. now and Nate would not defer YU, but this would mean that I had to drop out of grad school. We started contacting everyone we knew in Israel to see if they had heard of job openings that Nate could apply for. Nate applied for a number of jobs within 48 hours, and we started researching apartments online, where we actually found two we had planned to look at this coming week.

After a week and a half of reaching out to every possible avenue, in hopes to come up with some plan before we leave for the states Nate got a call to come and have a meeting with the Rosh Yeshiva, the Business Director, and the Mashgiach Ruchanit (spiritual advisor to the boys at the Yeshiva, or Nate's direct supervisor). They sat down with him and listed all the things they were looking for in the new Av Bayit position. The new position would include all the tasks being completed now, but would have a "few" additions, including he would now be in charge of the other counselors, he would teach a class every night of the week, in addition to the classes he is already teaching, and he would be expected to attend all trips and assist with the logistics of organizing the trips. He also would play a major role in programming for the Yeshiva and organization of in-yeshiva events. There would be twice the amount of work. One problem with Nate taking on this job was that his Hebrew was not to the level necessary, so Nate suggested that he sign up for classes to improve his Hebrew. After an hour of going back and forth with the staff as to whether Nate could do this job, he was told to go home and talk with me about whether he felt he really could handle it. He was to come back with an answer right after the weekend.

They were not kidding, when they said right after the weekend. At 9:30am this morning Nate was called into the office to report what our decision was. After a lot of debating among ourselves as to whether Nate could really handle additional work, and could I handle it as well, since Nate would be home a lot less, and further, as the work load increases for him, it does so for me as well, we decided that this could be a great opportunity for him. SO after discussing the pay (which is not much different then his pay now) and other details, Nate accepted the job offer, and the Yeshiva turned down the other applicants. Nate and I now have a place to live next year, we each have jobs, we have a plan for me to finish my MA, we have a plan to move back to the U.S., and Nate has a plan for graduate school and smicha that seems to look as if it will be a reality.

So here is to all those who say, "Man plans and G-d laughs"- YOU ARE RIGHT!

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