Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Plans for Next Year

Most of the plans for next year have been finalized, so I thought that I'd catch you all up on them.

We've decided, I suspect a lot of you know by now, to make aliyah. We're becoming Israeli citizens on August 25th when we return from the US to Israel. It's a big decision that we've made, one that will allow us to financially support ourselves while we're here in Israel and that binds us with the future of the State. Come what may, we're now (or will be) Israeli.

Secondly, I've taken a job - that will require both of us to function - as dorm parents to a post-high school Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Shvilei HaTorah. The Yeshiva is walking distance to Nishmat (Naomi's school this year) and Emek Refaim (where I lived when I was on Nativ 7 years ago) - which means that it'll be very different from where we live now. The Yeshiva has asked me to teach a little in the afternoons which will be great experience for the future.

Naomi has been accepted to a Masters program at Hebrew University in Community Development and Philanthropy Studies. Currently she's deciding between starting school or pushing it off another year so she can take time and work first.

Naomi's parents are arriving Monday night, and it's Yom Yerushalayim, the day when Jerusalem was recaptured (reunified) by Israeli forces during the 6 Day War - 41 years ago. It's another big holiday in the Israeli year so it should be pretty cool.

Due to the imminent arrival of the Oppenheim's I hope to fulfill my promise of Passover-Fein Family pictures very shortly.

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