Friday, September 7, 2007

So, unfortunately with the business of school it has been very hard for us to post this past week or so. I leave the house at 7:10am by which time Nate has already left (at 6:55am). I do not get home, until at the earliest 6:30, which often turns into 7pm. Nate plays sports after class which mean he gets home around 7:30 and then has to leave for Maariv (evening service) and then more class at 8-10pm. Usually I go to some class here at the Yeshiva for the wives at night while he is in class, and sometimes I even go to Nate's class at night. So basically we are totally booked, but because we are totally booked there is so much to fill you in on!

So this past week I finally came to the conclusion that Midreshet Rachel was really not the right place for me. The classes, often, were not text based, which is what I had wanted; the classes had teachers who seemed to know one way and that that one way was the only way to understand anything, which I disagreed with; and worst of all for me, it had classes that I saw as not what I wanted to spend my time in, but that made me want to skip school because of. To explain the last one a bit further, the day before I finally gave up at Midreshet Rachel we had a class called Midot (positive characteristics). I assumed (yes, Dad I know that stands for I made an ASS out of U and Me) this class was to learn about what different Rabbis say should be the positive characteristic that we should all have. To my amazement that was not at all what this class was about, but rather it was about "how to tell your parents you are becoming frum!" Oh, and if they don't like it well then "you will just have to re-examine whether your relationship is worth having or not." Anyway, basically what it comes down to is Midreshet Rachel is not for me. (But as a side note I have to say it still is a great place to go to Learn and there are some amazing people at that school and for many other people it will be a great place).

So, starting Tuesday I went on an exploration for a new school. I started at Nishmat. After spending three days there I have decided to transfer (three days was all it took). The teachers at Nishmat are world renown scholars and they just has so many interesting things to teach. I am learning G'mara there, women 's commandments, the Halacha (laws) of Shabbat, some Chassidic texts (thats really deep stuff), Torah and Prophets. I feel like in every class I am on the edge of my seat. Plus I will definitely improve my hebrew speaking skills, considering that majority of the girls there either are Israeli or just speak hebrew so well that they use it more often then not. The seminary actually looks more like a guys Yeshiva (well except for all the pretty art) and, as Nate said when he looked at my schedule, it seems to teach like one too. The Beit Midrash (study room) is huge (like twice the size of Nate's) and every girl has their own Makom (desk, basically). This school is well known for its Yoetzet Halacha program- a program that educates women in women's Jewish law (as I explained it to my mother in law, it is as close to a woman becoming a Rabbi as possible in the Orthodox community at this time). Anyway, so as soon as I work out all the financials I will officially be a student there.

Anyway, also coming up is Rosh Hashana. We are really excited to spend it in Israel with the Yeshiva, because I have been told that if you ever want an amazing Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipur experience that you will find it at a Yeshiva. I am starting to get teary though each day as I think about how I will not be sitting next to my mom this year. It will be my first Rosh Hashana away from her ever. I know though, that Mrs. Millen and all the other amazing women at Shomrai will take care of her well!

Last but not least, this weekend is my little brother's 18th birthday! I am so excited, welcome to adulthood Ari. Ari just started University and from what I hear seems to be enjoying it (although he is a bit bored with not having school all the time). Congrats Bro! I am so happy for you!

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