Saturday, August 4, 2007

To bring you up to date

So as promised we have posted some pictures of our caravan. There is a possibility that we may move to another caravan, one that is a bit nicer. It is where the furniture we purchased from someone leaving is located now, and it is too heavy to move, therefore we want to move us to the furniture.

This past week we have gone into Yerushalayim at least 3 times (in 4 days). We have bought Nate some new shoes for shabbat, Naomi some new scarves and of course the new oven- we are very excited about this. We found someone, as suggested by one of the other kollel couples here, who buys ovens, dishwashers, fridges, etc. used, fixes them and then sells them. He not only sold us a fixed oven and stove, but delivered and installed it, and best of all- It comes with a warranty that is renewable. On Friday we woke up early to try and see how long it would take Naomi to get to class each day, but forgot that the bus schedule on Friday is very different and ended up waiting for a bus for an hour and a half. When we finally got into Yerushalayim we made our way into Machane Yehuda- Naomi's first time ever, and found some very yummy Marzipan and some really inexpensive wine to bring to our hosts for Shabbat.

Shabbat was very nice, we ate out for all three meals, which were absolutely amazing. We made some great new friends, and Naomi seems to becoming best buddies with the other kollel families' children. We davened at the "Happy Minyan" on Shabbat morning, which we very much enjoyed and may even consider making it our minyan of choice. We took a walk in the afternoon and discovered some beautiful views and of course a water main break on our street that will most likely result in no water for the next few days. We also snuck some views through the windows of the new caravillas that are going to replace the caravans. They are quite nice, and very spacious.

Until next time... Shavuah Tov!

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