Sunday, August 19, 2007

The School Year Has Started

Both Naomi and I have started our classes now. Last Wednesday was her first day of school and today was mine. I will let Naomi tell you all about her reflections on school.

As for me, I'm back at the Yeshiva (Yeshivat Hamivtar) that I went to two years ago for the summer. So I'm not really new here, but I am sort of treated like one. Most of the new guys are having a hard time learning everyone's name and where certain classrooms are and policies on this and that; all of these things I've got down already. But at the same time, the students that are here full time take the summer guys (as I was two years ago) rather apathetically so while I know them some of them didn't really care so much who I was then, but now that I'm back are opening up. The people at the school are for the most part fantastic and those that aren't as great are still really nice.

As far as my classes go, I still haven't had all of them yet so this may be a little pre-mature, but for the mornings I'm in level 1 and in the afternoon I'm in level 2. The hope to move me up to level 2 for everything once I get my feet wet again, but for now I'm with the beginners. It can be a little frustrating since I already have a background in the Talmud to be working on things that are very basic. Hopefully they'll decide that I'm ready soon and I can move on up.

Besides Talmud, I'm also taking an in depth class on Halacha (specifically dealing now with the laws and customs of Rosh HaShana - it's less than a month away); and an in depth class on Sefer Bamidbar - the Book of Numbers. This class will be fantastic, right now we're comparing the introductions written to this book from a few medieval commentators. What is the purpose of the book? The central theme? Does this theme permeate every section of the book? If not how do those unrelated sections relate to the rest of the book - why are they included in this book? All that and we haven't even read the first sentence of the book.

It's a long day, I have to be at school at 7am for prayers and I didn't leave tonight until 10pm, besides a break for meals and a hour-long rest in the middle I was working all day. Call it a 10 hour day easily, and that was a light day. That's all for now, I'll get Naomi to write soon.

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