Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The first week in Israel

So we are finally somewhat set up in our apartment- we have use of a kitchen, we have a closet and dresser, and we just ordered a bed yesterday! We have finally decided to start doing some touring before I (Naomi) needs to start class. Two days ago we went to Bat Yam, the old city of Yafo, and Tel Aviv. I am so sorry we do not have pictures, but I forgot to put the card in the camera. Just to give you an idea of what we did, we walked along the beautiful beach for about an hour, and then to save money on cab fair (and because we could not find the right bus back to Tel Aviv) we walked to the old city of Yafo. Yafo is a beautiful city, with some really nice buildings and amazing views, however much was closed. We then proceeded to walk to Tel Aviv. We finally gave up about a mile and a half away from Tel Aviv mall and took a cab (which cost like 4 bus rides for both of us) to one of the malls in Tel Aviv. There I am very proud to say, I purchased my first pair of Naot. You have no idea how long I have wanted them.

We then took a bus back to the Takana Merkazit in Tel Aviv and then traveled back to Yerushalayim. It was a fun filled, beautiful day, which ended with some very painful legs from all the walking (whoever said we would gain a lot of weight in Israel had no idea how much exercise we would be getting).

Then yesterday we took the day to go to Yerushalayim- to the old city. We started our day, before this trip, at the official lottery of the new caravillas that have been built into our community. Each family gets to move into them if they chose, as they are built. We will get first dibs on the ones that are to be finished in October (although we all bed they will not be done until December). Meanwhile many of our new friends did get to pick yesterday, and they will get to move in next Tuesday. After the lotery we all got to go in and look and see the inside of this beautiful construction site that wakes us up at 6 am. They are absolutely gorgeous. They are huge, and spacious, and have cabinets and just so much that is beautiful. They have a glassed in shower (which you saw our shower definitely does not). Around 1ish we left for Yerushalayim. The pictures below show our day, which was so nice. We davened mincha at the kotel, and just walked, and walked, and walked (something we are getting very good at) around the old city. As we were leaving we saw someone setting up a beautiful site for what seemed to be a proposal of marriage. We wish him and, hopefully his new Kalah, all the best.

As a side note, so you all know, we have our internet working in our home, and we have our vonage set up. This means you can call us on an American line. If you do not have this number please please please send us an email and we will send it to you. Talk to you all soon!

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