Tuesday, July 17, 2007

packing update

So rumor has it that we have have been assigned a caravan in Efrat. We kind of heard it from someone leaving the area and coming back to the states, but we should know for sure tomorrow. In the meantime our lift leaves in 6 days and that means everything going to Israel must be sealed up soon. My parents and Nate's dad will be coming down this weekend to help us finish up the packing, and to help us move everything going to Israel to the place where the lift is leaving from and everything staying to my Aunt and Uncle's house where it is being stored. Looking around the apartment it seems we are almost ready for this Sunday, however when I sit down to try and finish packing all I can see is that there is a lot more.

On another note, we are considering getting Vonage so that way many of you will be able to call us as if you were just calling another American number and we will be able to call you as well. If anyone has any takes on this idea please send us an email. We have been doing some research, talking to people in Israel about it, but more input would be great before we go and order it. Thanks!


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