Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Naomi's first post

Hey All!

So I am very new to this blog concept but here goes. So the stress is starting to disappear, now that we have things worked out with where we are going and how we are getting there, and now reality is starting to settle in. On Friday we tried to get visas from the Israeli embassy in DC (we were unsuccessful because we had one way tickets and you need round trip to get it) and as I was davening before we left I started to tear a bit thinking how this was really happening. It is amazing and I am so happy that my dream, which this past year became our dream, is happening. I will finally get to go to Israel and learn Torah full time. I can not express to you enough how happy I am and how excited.

On the other hand though, as it gets closer there is a definite sadness that is setting in. No it is not because I am leaving America, or the luxury life that we have been living, and as much as I love my friends it is not even because we are leaving them, but rather it is because we are leaving family, and more importantly for me, because I am leaving my Mom. I love my family very much but as anyone who knows me well, for at least the past 6 years (sine I finished those annoying teenage years) and maybe even longer, my Mom has been my best friend. I will miss our three (or more) times a day phone calls just to check in (which we will not be able to afford) and I will miss the ability to go home and just hang out whenever. I will miss chag, or at least the pre-chag cooking that we do and I will miss going to the women's Seudah Shlishit with her during the summers (and a couple during the year). We are going to visit my family this weekend, and thanks to my parents there will be a kiddush in honor of our leaving (Hashkama minyan at Shomrai if you are in town btw), and it truly will be a hard weekend for me.

Anyway, so I guess that is how I am feeling. Yeah for me learning to post on a blog and yeah for our upcoming move! Until next time!

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